Fresh Cuts & Looks for Valentine’s Day

Students in Cosmetology Receive Genuine Experience on ACIT’s Faculty


Gabriela Viruet and Vick Torres

Mrs. Alyssa Keen getting her hair styled by Ava Garris.

On February 14th, ACIT cosmetology students got an opportunity to practice the skills they’ve learned on staff and members of the Atlantic County community. It included mostly senior students offering these services for free. They provided different beauty stations in Leah Cacopardo’s cosmetology classroom and would check staff in for their appointments.

The cosmetology students offered services like shaving facial hair, applying makeup, and styling hair. One of ACIT’s staff members, Alyssa Keen states, “Ava did an amazing job curling my hair. I also was in earlier in the day and Svetlana Rubi did my make up. Both girls were professional and did a great job!”

Another staff member, Ms. Shannon Costello expresses her excitement for the next event open for staff. When talking to Ms. Costello about her experience getting her makeup done by student, Gabe Hessert, she said, “I left feeling confident and relaxed, much like any professional salon experience.” and “He color matched my foundation beautifully and together we decided to go with a ‘soft glam’ Valentine’s Day look.” It seems like the cosmetology Valentines Day services were a success!

Mr. Vincent Mahoney having his face shaved by Jazmin Mejia Brito. (Gabriela Viruet and Vick Torres)