4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles New Jersey

4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles New Jersey
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On April 5 around 10:30 am, the Tri-state area shook with a 4.8 magnitude earthquake. Its epicenter was in Lebanon, New Jersey. Many locals felt the earthquake shake their homes and neighborhoods, and were extremely confused by what they were feeling since the last earthquake of this magnitude to strike New Jersey was in 2007.

Many locals reported feeling their house shake, and their pets stopping in their tracks due to the quake.

“It felt like my whole house was shaking. My dog stopped everything and looked around scared,” says ACIT junior Layla Miller.

Though it was a lower-scale earthquake, it has caused more than 50 aftershocks of slightly lesser magnitudes throughout the Tri-state area. At 6 p.m. in New Jersey, a magnitude 4.0 aftershock struck. The original quake caused the shaking of buildings, trees, and vehicles from Maine to Maryland

“A big painting fell off my desk, and my dog ran and hid,” says ACIT junior Douglas Golden.

“It felt like someone took my entire bed and shook it ferociously. It was like being in a bounce house with fifty kids jumping all over at once. It was a really long six seconds!” says ACIT media teacher Brian Lacivita.

Earthquakes in the eastern states of the US are very rare; but, according to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), this level of rarity and other geographical aspects can be felt more strongly throughout larger areas. The state was very lucky to face little to no damage, and no one was injured or harmed.

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