The Pursuit

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The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Jaden Jones

A Sense of Community

Brandon Alcantara, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Growing up from Galloway, NJ, Jaden Jones always had a passion for school. During elementary and middle school he focused on getting good grades. But, Jones always prioritized making friends more. He didn’t...

A Silent Voice Poster

An Anime Masterpiece

Mathew Juan, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

With anime already not having a super large audience in the movie world, one hidden gem stands out, “A Silent Voice''. A coming of age story dealing with sensitive topics like physiological drama, bullying,...

Elden Ring Game Cover Design

Is a Game Worth the Suffering?

Marcos Soto-Rosario, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Storyline Elden Ring is an open-world adventure souls-like game based on this mythical world where creatures exist. In this game, you are initially seen by the NPCs (non-playable characters), monsters,...

Portrait of Sidney Poitier

A Hero Through Film

Lilly Strickland, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

A Hero Through Film Early Life Sidney Poitier was born on February 20, 1927, and raised between Cat Island and the Bahamas. After moving to Miami, he worked on a farm and sold produce to support his...

Jordan Peele directing Get Out

Changing Filmmaking History

Lilly Strickland, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Early Life Jordan Peele was born on February 21, 1979, in New York City. He was raised by his white mother, his father was absent from his life and passed away in 1999. Growing up he was a very introverted...

Fathers Day

Father’s Day

Kathy Tran, Writer/Producer/Designer June 9, 2023

Just like there’s a day for mothers, there’s a day for fathers as well! We love our dads just as much as we love our moms. So, let’s celebrate our father figures for what they did for us from our...

Woman standing in the crowd, is symbolic of feeling alone in a room full of people.

Grief Before Death

Gabriela Viruet, Writer/Producer/Designer June 9, 2023

Mental health affects every aspect of our lives. It is a part of human existence that controls our emotions, thoughts, relationships, and actions, even if we do not notice it. Despite this, there is a...

Top 5 Ideas to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

Top 5 Ideas to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

Marie Morales, Writer / Photographer / Producer June 9, 2023

Allow this summer to be an unforgettable one, get out as much as possible and enjoy every moment possible. Drive-In Movie: Instead of going to your typical movie theater, bring some snacks, a blanket...

Working over the summer can have many benefits for students beyond the extra money in their pockets.

10 Reasons Why High School Students Should Work Over The Summer

Luke Egrie, Photographer June 8, 2023

The summer break during high school offers students a valuable opportunity to engage in various activities. While relaxation is important, working during the summer can bring numerous different benefits....

LEscrimeuse (The Swordswoman), taken from Wikimedia Commons

The Life of Julie d’Aubigny

Cece Perez, Writer/Producer/Designer June 1, 2023

Julie d’Aubigny was a French opera singer and a skilled fencer in the late 17th century who led a chaotic, almost unbelievable life– between going on the run singing and fencing people for cash, to...

Memorial Day has been a national holiday since 1970.

Remembering American Heroes

Alianna Ulerio, Writer/Producer/Designer May 31, 2023

Memorial day is a day to honor those who have fought for our country, especially those who have lost their lives fighting for us in the military. It is celebrated on the last Monday in May. The holiday...

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to take care of ourselves and check on one another.

Mental Health Matters: A Few Tips for Taking Care of Yourself

Vick Torres, Writer/Producer/Designer May 31, 2023

Background Ever since 1949, May has been declared Mental Health Awareness Month by The Mental Health America (MHA) organization. During this month, many people direct their focus to help fight the stigmas...

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