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The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Batman Movie Poster

Review: “The Batman”

Mathew Juan, Writer/Producer March 22, 2024

The grounded superhero detective movie, “The Batman” is a reboot of the caped crusader produced in 2020 under the vision of director Matt Reeves, who has other big budget movies like Cloverfield and...

A picture of the main cast of Avatar

Review: “The Last Airbender”

Nasir Harvey, Writer/Producer March 22, 2024

As a child I recall loving supernatural things. Supernatural things, stories in space, people in unbelievable situations, or incredible beings with unnatural powers all haunted my dreams. It was no wonder...

One of the promotional images for season 1 of the show

Opinion: Good Omens TV Show Review

Ava Lewis, Writer/Producer March 7, 2024

Good Omens is a comedic fantasy TV show based on the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Since the show’s release in 2019, Douglas Mackinnon has directed the first two seasons,...

America Ferrera in Los Angeles, California in December 2023.

From Hamlet to Barbie

Gabriela Viruet, Writer/Producer/Designer March 1, 2024

America Georgina Ferrera, born April 18, 1984, is a Honduran-American actress, producer, and book writer known for her iconic monologue in 2023’s hit summer blockbuster movie, Barbie. Ferrera, the youngest...

A Silent Voice Poster

An Anime Masterpiece

Mathew Juan, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

With anime already not having a super large audience in the movie world, one hidden gem stands out, “A Silent Voice''. A coming of age story dealing with sensitive topics like physiological drama, bullying,...

Elden Ring Game Cover Design

Is a Game Worth the Suffering?

Marcos Soto-Rosario, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Storyline Elden Ring is an open-world adventure souls-like game based on this mythical world where creatures exist. In this game, you are initially seen by the NPCs (non-playable characters), monsters,...

Jordan Peele directing Get Out

Changing Filmmaking History

Lilly Strickland, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Early Life Jordan Peele was born on February 21, 1979, in New York City. He was raised by his white mother, his father was absent from his life and passed away in 1999. Growing up he was a very introverted...

John Leguizamo and Carolina Saavedra on set

From Mays Landing to International Producer

Marie Morales, Writer/Producer/Designer March 29, 2023

In Mays Landing, New Jersey, Carolina Saavedra, an executive producer and television creator based in Los Angeles, came to speak to students in the Media Academy at ACIT about the journey to her successful...


A Masterpiece in Action Cinema

Pedro Mendoza, Writer/Producer/Designer March 29, 2023

To think that this amazing franchise started out over a dog. Keanu Reeves' excellent action franchises have made a grand impact on the world of cinema through its fascinating characters, colorful locations...

Cal tests an upgraded lightsaber in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

From Fallen Order to Jedi Survivor

Pedro Mendoza, Writer/Producer/Designer March 16, 2023

Back in November of 2019, Respawn Entertainment gave Star Wars fans something they’ve wanted for a long time: A fun and action packed Tripe A Star Wars game. “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” was a...

Prepare your photos for online presentation

Prepare your photos for online presentation

Sample Staff Member, Staff Writer August 9, 2021

Your site automatically generates a series of scaled down images for each photo you upload for the various parts of your site that display different sizes of images. Cameras take pictures at a far higher...

Take your stories beyond the text

Take your stories beyond the text

Sample Staff Member August 9, 2021

Stories don't have to be for just the written word any more. Using some of the SNO FLEX features you can add embeddable objects, pull quotes, related story links, and videos all right along side the story...

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