Conserving Pandas

Celebrating National Panda Day
Panda have -- count them -- six digits to help grasp bamboo.
Panda have — count them — six digits to help grasp bamboo.
Sharon Fisher

It all starts with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), because in 1961 they made their official logo a Panda. This started Panda Day, which is March 16th every year. Pandas were loved by everyone back then, and are still universally loved today. Panda’s at the time were not a “vulnerable” species. They were an “endangered” species, although they were loved by many. This means that Pandas could’ve potentially gone extinct if they weren’t given proper care. The main reason for Pandas being endangered is simple, they don’t mate enough, or rather they can’t mate enough. Female Pandas can be fertile two to three times out of the entire year. It makes it extremely hard to reproduce and make more Pandas. This resulted in the national holiday called Panda Day. Since then, zoos all around the world in America and Asia have taken care of these precious animals. There are now over 2000+ Pandas in the world, way more than before.

This initiative by the WWF has allowed extra support for Pandas and other endangered species. Panda’s are great for the Chinese land and their environment; they spread bamboo seeds out far, so new bamboo and plants can regrow. This is beneficial not only to Pandas, but also humans. The Panda’s environment in China has one of the highest biodiversity in the world, meaning there are other animals that rely on the Panda as well. Whether it’s for water or food, Pandas help the environment in numerous ways. The Panda is considered an umbrella species, by preserving these Pandas mammals, birds, and amphibians all benefit.

A giant panda plays at Shenshuping Panda Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda on September 12, 2020. (Liu Guoxing/VCG via Getty Images)

In conclusion, these black and white furballs have more use to the environment and humans than you’d think. The national day started out because they were endangered, but because of the help of humans we’ve returned them to a larger population. This allows Pandas to do well in the Chinese climate, which is overall good for the environment.,keep%20them%20from%20going%20extinct.,the%20same%20areas%20and%20regions.
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