The Pursuit

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The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Alexia at the West Side Story red carpet Premiere.

From Red Hawk to the Red Carpet

Ava Lewis, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Former ACIT student Alexia Del Valle currently has 1.6 million followers on Tiktok and lives in Los Angeles, California. Del Valle graduated in 2016 and has since become famous on social media platforms...

Jaden Jones

A Sense of Community

Brandon Alcantara, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Growing up from Galloway, NJ, Jaden Jones always had a passion for school. During elementary and middle school he focused on getting good grades. But, Jones always prioritized making friends more. He didn’t...

Jordan Peele directing Get Out

Changing Filmmaking History

Lilly Strickland, Writer/Producer February 21, 2024

Early Life Jordan Peele was born on February 21, 1979, in New York City. He was raised by his white mother, his father was absent from his life and passed away in 1999. Growing up he was a very introverted...

Top 5 Ideas to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

Top 5 Ideas to Cross Off Your Bucket List This Summer

Marie Morales, Writer / Photographer / Producer June 9, 2023

Allow this summer to be an unforgettable one, get out as much as possible and enjoy every moment possible. Drive-In Movie: Instead of going to your typical movie theater, bring some snacks, a blanket...

LEscrimeuse (The Swordswoman), taken from Wikimedia Commons

The Life of Julie d’Aubigny

Cece Perez, Writer/Producer/Designer June 1, 2023

Julie d’Aubigny was a French opera singer and a skilled fencer in the late 17th century who led a chaotic, almost unbelievable life– between going on the run singing and fencing people for cash, to...

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to take care of ourselves and check on one another.

Mental Health Matters: A Few Tips for Taking Care of Yourself

Vick Torres, Writer/Producer/Designer May 31, 2023

Background Ever since 1949, May has been declared Mental Health Awareness Month by The Mental Health America (MHA) organization. During this month, many people direct their focus to help fight the stigmas...

Colorful Salt Water Taffy!

Taffy Tales: The Origin of Salt Water Taffy

Gabriela Viruet, Writer/Producer/Designer May 23, 2023

National Salt Water Taffy day is an annual celebration on May 23 dedicated to the sweet and salty treat loved by those on the Atlantic coast! This day can be used to reminisce on the fond memories that...

Newest inductees who gave speeches about what NTHS means, and the principles of NTHS.

Honoring The Best in CTE

Ashley Fedeli, Writer/Producer/Designer May 23, 2023

ACIT’s annual induction ceremony for the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) had taken place Monday May 1st, with 41 new inductees. The purpose of Honor Society is to acknowledge technical students...


A Renaissance of Motion Images

Pedro Mendoza, Writer/Producer/Designer May 22, 2023

Throughout the history of entertainment and film animation has been used to express many ideas of creativity. From TV to movies, people have used the art of animation to send messages through a colorful...

Spring is Dance Season

Spring is Dance Season

Chase Schreiber, Writer/Producer/Designer May 12, 2023

ACIT’s Performing Arts Dance Academy is excited to announce its upcoming Spring Dance Concert on May 12th. The concert will showcase the hard work and dedication of the academies talented dancers, who...

Dogs can feel the same emotions as their human, including anxiety and fear, (

Anxiety & Your Pup

Marie Morales, Writer/Producer/Designer May 5, 2023

Similar to humans, like us in moments of uncertainty, whether it be thinking about the future or minutes before presenting, anxiety and fear takes over, and it can occur in dogs too. Although not in the...

Go Read a Book!

Go Read a Book!

Kathy Tran, Writer/Producer/Designer May 5, 2023

Books have been a part of human history and have been with us in our daily lives ever since cave drawings, stone tablets, hand-written scrolls, to the first ever book made in the BCs. They have been used...

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