5 Tips for Enjoying Prom


Prom of 2022 is this Friday, May 13, and many students are ecstatic for the first real prom since 2020. Though many students are thrilled for this night, some can’t help but feel anxious. For many it’s their first prom, so social anxieties and struggles with self image may start to bubble up in their mind. I look horrible. People are staring at me. I know people are judging me. They all probably hate me. Thoughts like these can cloud one’s mind in situations like this. According to over a hundred RedHawks who participated in a survey for this story, self image (at 44%) and having fun or not (at 57%) are the biggest concerns when it comes to prom. With that in mind, The Pursuit pulled together a short list of tips that we hope will help everyone enjoy this year’s prom.

Tip 1: Don’t Mind the Crowd

Our first tip is for anyone who is uncomfortable, or gets anxious, around big crowds. Prom may be loud and will definitely have a lot of people, so try and get comfortable in a spot or find somewhere quieter and less populated when you need time to yourself. If you feel anxious, try to consult yourself on why this crowd may make you feel anxious. Most people who are overwhelmed in a crowd tend to be self-conscious and feel that all eyes are on them–even when they’re not. If you feel like this, take a moment to close your eyes, and focus on something else. Or, remove yourself from the crowd and find a less populated place to cool down. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, your date, chaperone, or someone you can trust if you are feeling overwhelmed. Click here for more tips on prom anxiety.

Tip 2: Make It a Night to Remember

Our second tip goes out to anyone who’s concerned about whether or not it’ll be fun. It can be intimidating to put yourself out there, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed amongst the crowd. This can affect your overall prom experience. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Prom is something that happens once a year, so here’s how to make the most of it. Don’t make finding a date something to stress over. Instead, focus on surrounding yourself with others who you know you’ll be comfortable around and give you the fun experience you want. Though there is a lot of anticipation surrounding prom, it is important to remember to live in the moment. Get out on the dance floor. Finally: To really make it a night worth remembering, get off your phones! Enjoy the moment!

Tip 3: Brush Up on Your Dance Moves

A popular worry for this year’s prom is dancing. Most students are worried whether or not they will be able to take a step on the dance floor and bust some moves. The other worry is not knowing how to slow dance with a date. In order to dance, one must overcome the fear of being on the dance floor. If you’re set on dancing but are nervous, drag a friend out to the floor so you can feel more comfortable. (Please ask your friend first.) If you have a date and intend to dance with them, research how to dance. YouTube contains helpful videos on how to do a basic slow dance. If you end up not being that great at dancing, then don’t focus on that. What truly matters is if you’re having fun. You DO NOT need to dance at prom to make an experience. There are many other ways to have fun at prom, such as spending time with your friends, interacting with different people, and or playing games with friends.

Tip 4: Choose Wisely

According to the survey that was sent out to RedHawks, a worry for some students is who to go with. Over 23% of people feel a bit of pressure when it comes to who to ask to prom. Don’t let the concept of prom make you think you need a date. Prom is about having fun and enjoying yourself in the moment, So, don’t feel pressured to bring a date. Sometimes going with a group of friends is a better option–especially if the idea of going with a date stresses you out. You will be a lot more comfortable going with people you already know. Also, make sure you and your friends have your logistics in order. You wouldn’t want to end up going to prom and having no clue where your friends are, would you? Meet up beforehand; it’ll make it ten times easier. Enjoy your time however you choose to spend it. When it comes to having fun, a lot of what determines this is the people you choose to be around. So, choose wisely.

Tip 5: Don’t Let It Get to You

Now, back to those 44% of RedHawks who are stressing about their self image. While prom attire is fancy, it can also be uncomfy and make people feel self-conscious. It’s common to feel uncomfortable in fancy attire like this. Some clothing tends to be more open so that can be a popular worry, too. If you plan to wear a dress, finding a dress that you like and are comfortable in is the first step to fighting any negative feelings on yourself. Another way to distract or fight these negative thoughts is to be around friends or people you feel safe around and who build up your confidence. Your friends can help and reassure you that whatever negative thoughts you’re thinking are not true. Try to keep a more positive headspace and be kinder to yourself. The negative thoughts your mind can create are mostly unrealistic and not true. Although it’s easier said than done, don’t try to let negative thoughts about yourself get the best of your prom night. If nothing else, be proud of yourself for even attending prom; for some of us, it takes a lot! For more information and tips about being self-conscious – check out this website.