ACIT and Its First Sports Podcast!

Students (and a sports-obsessed teacher) are discussing the biggest topics in sports.

ACITs ProPod will give students the opportunity to chat about the hottest topics for school and professional athletics.

Designed by Brian Lacivita

ACIT’s ProPod will give students the opportunity to chat about the hottest topics for school and professional athletics.

On January 20, 2023, Brian Lacivita, who teaches media production at the Atlantic County Institute of Technology, collaborated with three students, Jaden Ferrer, Xzavior Ribardo, and Ryan McAnally to release the first episode of ACIT’s ProPod. As of February 4, 2023, all four contributors focused on the NFL, especially during the build-up to Super Bowl 57. However, the 2022-2023 NFL post-season is closing, so we asked students what they thought about the different topics we can cover for the rest of the year.

Nikhil Skrobick, a JROTC student says “I would say you should incorporate both school-related sports and professional sports because it would be more inclusive to the students that enjoy professional and school sports.” He further explains that students participating in school sports should be involved or featured as a guest on the ACIT ProPod.

Anthony Maximo, a student in Automotive thinks that there is potential for the ACIT ProPod as a podcast for the school. “I think that the ProPod will grow, however, I think it should be on other streaming apps like Spotify.” He says youtube is not great for podcasts because people usually use it for visual entertainment.

Luis Rivera, a CADD student, thinks we should keep it local and stay more relevant to school sports. “I think you should focus more on school sports, I feel like other sports aren’t as included as others.”

Finally, Golam Alamin, who is in Media Production and Digital Storytelling claims, “I think the viewership will show the true potential as the ACIT ProPod releases. Since it is more local, students will watch along with professional sports since everyone likes professional sports.”
As we have heard from voices at ACIT, students are excited about the potential and possibilities that the ACIT ProPod offers for students who enjoy watching and participating in sports. Students mostly want school-related marks to be shown because it would accurately represent the ACIT sports community. The ACIT ProPod will continue to release episodes and soon more people will take time out of their day to tune in and listen to the debates, arguments, and discussions held about ACIT athletics.