Spring Writing Contest Winners!

The Pursuit Recognizes Four Writers In ACIT’s First School-Wide Creative Writing Contest


World-building, climate catastrophes, kingdoms put asunder, subtle love and bursting friendship. The Pursuit’s first creative writing contest ushered in a truly talented group of young writers. Our team of judges–made up of teachers from all walks of the classroom and one oh-so-literary administrator–found themselves pleasantly lost in every student’s submission. On behalf of The Pursuit staff and our team of dedicated judges, we thank all students who participated in our first contest and congratulate our winners!

Short Story

First Place: Julia Ramirez (Junior) with Dum Spiro Spero

Runner Up: Devynn Steinman (Freshman) with Even Daffodils Burn

Short Short Story

First Place: Mary Bennett (Senior) with Immaculate Conceptualization

Runner Up: Aldwyn Salteras (Junior) with And a Touch of Flare

First place winners received a certificate of recognition, a gift card to BAM, and publication of their story in The Pursuit. Runners up received a certificate of recognition and publication of their story in The Pursuit.