Student Producers Lead the Way and Find the Story

ACIT’s Media Production & Digital Storytelling Program Prepares Learners for the Professional Studio


Brian J Lacivita

The Media Production & Digital Storytelling program prepares to record their bi-weekly news program, Red Hawk News.

In the Media Production & Digital Storytelling Program in the Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT), students get a chance to work on their skills in the media, graphic and commercial design industries. Students get to use a variety of tools to showcase their talents and to expand upon it. They can then make their own products and intellectual properties to be proud of. The tools used to make these range from a variety of hardware and software. Students learn how to utilize Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, as well as cameras, lights, microphones, tripods, headphones, digital recorders and workstations. The items listed are all provided and students can even use their own smartphones and personal devices when the project calls for it.

When students returned to ACIT during the COVID-19 pandemic it did not stop them from continuing their work. (Brian J Lacivita)

The lessons include a variety of topics. Students will learn proper graphic design, video recording and editing, scriptwriting, audio editing, camera positioning, photography, the essentials of journalism, and much more. The work environment will be quite eventful and fun, as there is a spacious classroom with excellent teachers who provide plenty of help. They can create logos, posters, pictures, videos, and diagrams. All of these things will be done over the course of the students’ high school career. The Media Production and Digital Storytelling program offers students the opportunity to earn various certifications that can assist in developing their resumes and allow for the opportunity to begin working in the industry immediately after graduation.

Junior Jaden Ferrer prepares a graphic for a story about ACIT’s Boys Basketball team. (Golam Alamin)

All the students involved in the Media Production and Digital Storytelling program get to express their creativity freely and receive professional work experience. Most students currently within the program recommend joining and are proud to be a part of the program. Ryan McAnally, a student in the program who has participated in a podcast about ACIT and professional sports, says, “I recommend this program because the teaching is nice and simple and that makes it fun”. Jaden Ferrer, another student within the program, who worked alongside Ryan, says, “I recommend this program because it promotes positive creativity for all students and they get the opportunity to create stories and even designs that they have been brainstorming for many moons”. All of the students are proud of the work they have produced for themselves, school, teachers, staff, and the community.