A World of Imagination

ACIT Performing Arts Academy Presents Seussical


Christopher Kane

The cast of Seussical brought their best to the stage in ACIT’s Performing Arts Center.

ACIT Performing Arts Musical, Seussical
ACIT Performing Arts Musical, Seussical

The Performing Arts Musical Program at ACIT presented Seussical, a colorful and thoughtfully weaved narrative combining some of Dr.Seuss’ most beloved, well-known characters and stories. Seussical introduces an unexpected but creatively harmonious mashup of fifteen books and relatable themes throughout its production. Imagination encompasses this tale full of friendship, promises, and drastic adventures and hopefully a thing or two is learned by curtain call.

The shows were held on March 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th.This has been their largest musical production since the pandemic in terms of the amount of participants and design elements.

“[Most enjoyable part] for me [was] it was building the set, I like a lot of the construction stuff. It was nice putting everything together and seeing how it all went during the day of the show.” Said Steven Rothman, senior audio engineer.

A ton of hard working members from different programs came together to make Seussical possible.

“It’s truly amazing to see other [programs] being in this production; whether they’re singing, dancing, acting, it’s really great to see what type of talent they have and I’m so happy they got to express it in Seussical”, remarked Ava Faretra, who played the role of Bird Girl no. 1.

The seniors who participated in this year’s musical production will be graduating, making Seussical their last play at ACIT.

Stage Crew President and manager, Nico Neugent, said, “…I do not want to say goodbye, it’s been really fun and I’ve made so many good friends…I think this was a really good show to end on, it was a lot of fun.”

“I’m just very proud of the people that I did get to train to carry on the sound board. So, I’m sure they’re going to do a great job because I love the work that they put into [it] during the show.” Expressed Steven, who has been the sound board operator for the last four years.

As a parting gift to those who will come after our graduating seniors and fill in their shoes, here are some words of advice from them.

“I would literally say, just do it, like even if you’re on the fence about it, it’s a really big change for someone who isn’t used to doing it… It’s definitely something that, once you’re in it and you’re experiencing it, you see what it’s like and you get comfortable so quickly.” Said senior Dance Co Captain, Cayla Kirby.