A Masterpiece in Action Cinema

John Wick: Chapter 4 Review



To think that this amazing franchise started out over a dog. Keanu Reeves’ excellent action franchises have made a grand impact on the world of cinema through its fascinating characters, colorful locations and over the top action set pieces. Now the fourth chapter in the franchise is here to take all of those qualities to the absolute limit. This is one of the rare occasions where a series just keeps getting better and better with each entry.

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The People Under the Table

A key part of any story are the characters that are a part of it. That idea is of key importance in this movie. Despite its title, this movie isn’t just about John Wick, but also the people that he crosses paths with and influences. Each important character we meet has multiple layers to their unique personalities and are each uniquely entertaining. Keanu’s is still just as deep and he doesn’t hesitate to show a more lighthearted side of his character. His journey for freedom is truly wholesome and does not disappoint. We are also introduced to Donnie Yen’s character “Caine”, a blind assassin who, like John, hopes to find his way out of his blood-filled life. A different story is told for Shamier Anderson’s “Nobody”, another highly skilled assassin with his trusty dog by his side who goes through a personal journey through his interactions with the other characters. However, they are not the only key players in this story. The characters who do none of the fighting are just as intriguing. Ian McShane’s “Winston” and Laurence Fishburne’s “The Bowery King” are just as entertaining and each deliver clever lines throughout the movie. But of course, you can’t have an entertaining protagonist, without an equally entertaining antagonist. Bill Skarsgard brings a very menacing performance as the Marchese de Gramont, and creates a cunning and equally petty villain that you just love to hate.

Photo Source: Murray Close/Lionsgate

Action… Lots of Action

Of course, the most important part of any John Wick movie are the excellent fight sequences, and John Wick 4 probably has some of the best in the whole series. This whole movie is literally 3 really very long action sequences, between the rest of the movie that sets everything else into motion. Each sequence is equally as unique and entertaining. The first one is a long Japanese style sequence full of bullets, bow and arrows, swords, and nunchucks. The second, a brutal party fight full of punches and kicks that each has an equal amount of impact. And of the course, the whole last third of the movie is a city wide fight across Paris with multiple phases to it. The first being high speed road fight with lots of vehicular warfare. This then leads into a long shootout expertly filmed in the form of the old Metal Gear Solid games. All this is followed by a grueling gauntlet up a long flight of stairs that includes several memorable moments. And this epic action sundae is topped off with an excellent cherry on top with a final stand-off. All this amazing action couldn’t have been possible without all the amazing talent in it. Keanu is as kick-ass as always, and in his hands anything is a deadly weapon. Donnie Yen brings his own unique form of fighting to the table, pulling from his long career as a martial arts actor. And Shamier Anderson fights brutally, with a side of dog-fu.

There is no singular word to describe how happy I was with this movie. I highly recommend everyone to see it, and experience that exhilarating joy for themselves. John Wick: Chapter 4 is a perfect example of how true passion from every person working on a project can create an absolute masterpiece.