Celebrate your Mom!

Mother’s Day was May 14th

None of us would be here without our moms. We should all take a day to dedicate to our moms and everything they’ve done for us. That’s why Mothers day was created, and why it is one of the holidays so many people celebrate.

Mothers day became an idea in the 1900’s from someone called Anna Jarvis. Jarvis’s mother ended up passing away later on in her life and it took a toll on Jarvis so she wanted to take a day to appreciate all mothers out there. She wanted to show the world that you can never take your mom for granted while she’s in your life because she could be gone any second of your life. This holiday was actually signed into the law in 1914 by Woodrow Wilson.

Mothers day this year is on May 14, on a Sunday.

There’s many ways to celebrate Mothers Day. You can go out of your way to buy your mom a nice gift that you know she’ll love and make her smile, you can get her breakfast in bed, help her out around the house, buy her flowers, etc. Just any way to show appreciation and love.

Mothers Day doesn’t necessarily have to be only for your biological mother, either. You can celebrate and give gifts to any mother figure in your life that has had a strong impact on who you are as a person. A mother role is someone who makes sure you’re alway okay and shows love towards you no matter what happens, genetics doesn’t always matter. About 2 % of all mothers in the United States have adopted their children. About 750 mothers have a baby that was born by surrogacy in the United States as well.


Mothers Day Fun Facts

Mothers Day Spending

Mother’s Day statistics show that spending a lot of money on gifts every year to honor the special day has been going up ever since 2019. Total Mother’s Day spending in 2019 hit $25 billion, which was up by 7.8%. The amount of money being spent just kept increasing and increasing until it reached up to $28.1 billion in 2021 and $31.7 billion in 2022 being spent for Mothers day.

Associated Flowers

The Carnation Flower is seen as the official flower that is associated with Mothers Day. They’ve been the top pick for mothers all around the world for years on end. There’s multiple colors with different meanings behind them but the pink and red carnations are what most people give their mothers. The pink carnations stand for thankfulness and love and the red carnations stand for love and adoration.

“Mom” Origin
Linguists believe that the word “mom” first came from baby talk. When babies are little, their form of calling their moms are from words they can annunciate, which is as simple as mom. The first thing most babies can vocalize is the ‘ma’ sound, or anything that sounds close enough or starts with the letter m, which is why in almost every language the word for mother is some iteration of the ‘ma’ sound.