Father’s Day

Give Some Love to Dad on June 18th



Just like there’s a day for mothers, there’s a day for fathers as well! We love our dads just as much as we love our moms. So, let’s celebrate our father figures for what they did for us from our childhood to adulthood.

Father’s day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June, this year is on June 18.


At first thought the origins of Father’s day came from a West Virginia church that sponsored a day to honor fathers on July 5, 1908. A Sunday sermon in memory of the 362 men who all lost their lives in a mine explosion at the Fairmont Coal Company in Monongah. But it was only a one time celebration and not an annual holiday.

So the actual idea of Father’s Day originated from Sonora Dodd, a woman who was raised by a single father and her five siblings by himself. She thought that since Mother’s Day became popular, she wanted a day similar to honor fathers and fatherhood. In 1910, she campaigned for the day in her local church, the YMCA and the government. She suggested the day to be on June 5th in celebration of her father’s birthday, but they thought that the third Sunday of June was more appropriate for the observance of Father’s Day. So on June 19, 1910, the first official Father’s Day was a success as it was celebrated in the state of Washington.

However, the day wasn’t as big as Mother’s day, as Dodd was busy with school and soon enough Father’s Day was forgotten. Eventually the day came back in the 1930s, with the help of manufacturers in creating male products, like ties, tobacco, and male clothing retailers. Dodd took this opportunity to make a new campaign for Father’s Day, making it national. But many people doubted the holiday, thinking that it’s only an attempt made by manufacturers to profit on a holiday like Mother’s Day. It even had controversy among men, as one historian says, [they] “scoffed at the holiday’s sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving, or they derided the proliferation of such holidays as a commercial gimmick to sell more products-often paid for by the father himself.”

Many presidents tried to make Father’s Day an official public holiday, but Congress kept rejecting the proposal. Then in 1966, President Lyndom B. Johnson issued a proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. Then the day it became a national holiday was in 1972, declared by President Richard Nixon.

Image by Maree Myers from Pixabay

Celebration and Customs

In celebration of any father figures, many people give them cards, gifts, or take them out to eat. Other people come visit their fathers and spend a day doing activities. And many families throw parties with fathers, grandfathers, and uncles to honor them for what they have done. So here are a couple of simple ideas you can do for your fathers!

Plan a day out: Go out and spend time with your dad, like doing a sport, going to a theme park, or take a hike somewhere nice.

A thankful gift: Give and show your gratitude to your dad by a nice gift that reflects him, his interests or hobbies. Or even a memory to keep for him like a memory book or photo album. Making a homemade gift is always the best way to show how much you appreciate him, so have a try at DIY gifts.

A loving message or letter: Make a heartfelt message or letter to your dad to express all your love to him for all he has done for you. Can be in the form of a card or something else creative to send it by.

Food: Try making them their favorite food or cook something special, but if you can’t cook then take him out to a nice restaurant he enjoys.

Watch something together: Whether it be a movie, a show, or tv channels. Take the time to spend watching with your dad.

Let them relax: Some fathers might need some relaxation after working so hard, so let this day also be their relaxation day, but don’t forget to let him know that you appreciate him by spending quality time on something.


Some countries have different customs, like in America and Canada, there’s a tradition of wearing a rose to honor your father on Father’s Day. People often wore different colored roses to symbolize their fathers if they’re dead or living. White being dead and red for living.

Some school teachers love to take part in Father’s Day, so they take part in help of making gifts for their students to take home for their fathers. Mostly in DIY gift crafts using color paper or small items to use.

Remember to spend some time with your father figures to celebrate Father’s Day! Show all your love for all they have done for you and they will feel appreciated.