ACIT Grad Breaks College Record

Kenny Weightman Scores 70th Goal to Break USF’s All-Time Scoring Hockey Record

Jameil Quintana, staff reporter

Kenny Weightman (ACIT Class of 2016) recently broke an all-time scoring record for the University of South Florida (USF) Ice Bulls, a Division II hockey team located in Tampa, FL. The game took place on January 30 against the University of Delaware.

“It was an exhilarating moment,” says Weightman. “I had been thinking about it for a while because I was one away going into winter break.” Prior to the game against Delaware, Weightman was tied with the (then) school record of 69 goals. “It was extra exciting because of how it happened,” Weightman added. “It was in the last minute of the game. We were down one, so it sent the game into overtime.”

Despite losing the game 5-4, Weightman’s record-breaking performance made the game special.

“It feels really awesome, I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to play here,” says Weightman. “I love this school and it is pretty cool that when I’m old I’ll be able to tell my kids that I was actually decent at hockey back in the day.”

Weightman has been playing for the Ice Bulls since he started attending USF in 2016 where he earned his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. He will be graduating this year with his master’s degree in mechanical engineering as well.

“I plan on using my degrees to try to get into product design/research and development,” says Weightman. “I think that would be such a fun, rewarding career.”

Weightman’s interest in engineering and athletics started well before his days at USF. In high school, many teachers took notice of Weightman’s commitment to his passion for engineering and hockey.

“He was the definition of a team player,” says Mr. Vander Ryk, Weightman’s former P.E. teacher at ACIT. “Kenny was pretty much good at everything, but he was great at hockey.”

“Kenny was a very good student who made goals and did everything he could to achieve those goals,” says Mr.Dittus, Weightman’s sophomore history teacher.

“Kenny used his gifted ability to help other students improve and have fun,” says Ms. Heggan, Weightman’s former engineering teacher at ACIT.

Weightman had just as many positive things to say about his time at ACIT.

“I had a fantastic experience at ACIT. I had so much fun there. Some of my best friends even today are people I met there. The engineering program was great too,” says Weightman. “I got experience there that actually gave me a head start on things that I learned in my college degree.”

For current high school athletes who aspire to play in college, Weightmas has some solid advice:

“I would tell anyone looking to play their sport in college to try to get a head start on budgeting their time. Time management is huge for college athletes. Trying to manage schoolwork, athletics, and a social life is not always the easiest, but definitely doable and so worth it.”