Aviation Program Partners with Embry Riddle

As ACCC Grant Ends, ACIT Aviation Program Begins New Partnership With Embry Riddle


Courtesy of Wyatt DeLuca

Class of 2022 Aviation Students at ACCC Graduation Ceremony From left to right: Wyatt DeLuca, Mason Colon, Jalen Gibbs, Isabella Rodriguez Sanchez, Mary Bennett

Bailey DeLuca, staff reporter

On Thursday, May 9, ACIT seniors in the Aviation Program graduated from ACCC with an associate’s degree in Science. This opportunity was available to the students through a grant partnership with ACCC. The Class of 2022 is the last class that will have this opportunity as the grant has come to an end.
“The grant provided one-time funding and allowed for three graduating classes at ACCC,” explains Ms. Karen Arcidiacono, Director of Curriculum at ACIT.
Mr. Andrew Clare, aviation and math teacher at ACIT, taught the current aviation seniors both math and aviation since their freshman year. In addition, he has also been involved with their ACCC experience.
According to Mr. Clare, graduating high school with an associate’s degree “guarantees that they’ve earned college credit, which transfers over to many 4-year colleges and universities.”
While this is the final year with this particular grant, ACIT has since formed a partnership with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a private university located in Daytona Beach, Florida.
The difference between the partnerships with ACCC and Embry Riddle is a “world-renowned university vs. community college,” says Ms. Arcidiacono. “Students earn up to 20 credits vs. an Associate’s Degree.”
The first class to graduate with the 20 credits from Embry Riddle will be the class of 2023. Still, under the partnership with ACCC, aviation students in this year’s graduating class felt that the experience was well worth it.
“Overall the program has done incredibly great things for me,” says Jalen Gibbs, an aviation student in this year’s graduating class. “I am forever grateful that I was able to be a part of the experience.”