ACIT Red Hawks win Fourth straight, Striking down the Dogs, 56 to 46

Red Hawks Earn Their 1st Home Playoff Game


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The 2022-2023 ACIT Varsity Boys Basketball Team.


The ACIT Redhawks came into this game winning the last three, their closest game being against Atlantic City 40-38. So far their record is 17-5 and they’re hoping to continue riding the backs of their two senior guards, Nasir Tucker, and Jayden Lopez, and their senior forward Desi Stroud. The Glassboro Bulldogs came into this game only on a 2 game-winning streak while having a measly 8-9 record. They’re currently riding on the back of their rag-tag squad of a Junior, Charles Graves, and their young core that consists of 50% Freshmen.


The Redhawks would start the game by scoring 21 in the first quarter, 10 more than the Bulldogs’ 11. The Hawks would proceed to then slow down in the second scoring only 7, but the Bulldogs would prove early that they’re incapable of taking advantage, only scoring 8 points themselves. After the half, The Red Hawks dominated the lesser opponent in the third, scoring 17 to their 10. Up 16 after the third quarter, the Hawks decided to take their foot off the pedal and manage the game to their 4th win in a row. The Hawk’s leading scorer was Nasir Tucker, who had 20 pts while putting up 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 steals to lead the team to a 2nd round playoff game. The Bulldogs’ leading scorer, Charles Grave, put up 17 points while he and Jhaisir Harden combined for 63% of the Bulldogs’ points. Inexperience would prove to be the killer that sent the Dogs to 8-10 and propelled the Hawks to 18-5 and their first at-home playoff game.

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The Redhawks will be going into the 2nd round of the playoffs while playing at home for the first time in the boy’s basketball team history. The game will be against 14-7 Hammonton, who is on a 5-game winning streak led by 5’11 Sophomore guard Kenny Smith, who has 361 points on the season. The game will be played on Thursday, February 9th at 4:30 and the theme will be whiteout. Until game time, head coach Byron Nelson wants fans to “plan to wear white and get this gym packed out and rocking as we prepare for a playoff run.”

-Xzavior Ribardo