Purchase Flower Grams to Kick Off Spring

SADD Club Celebrates Earth Day While Spreading a Little Kindness


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Roses are starting to bloom for the Spring. SADD Club will be selling these during all lunches from April 3 to April 6.

The SADD Club is selling flower grams for $1 each from April 3rd to April 6th. The flowers would be fake flowers so that they last longer to whoever you would like to give them to and because the SADD club wanted to be mindful of those around us who suffer from allergies. The gram comes with a kind note as well that you can customize however you would like. The grams are being sold during all lunches on both A and B days.

The flower grams are the perfect way to introduce the new spring season coming back. Any type of raised money goes to the SADD club, and any sales are greatly appreciated. The money raised from the flower grams would help the SADD club reach their goal of finally being able to get matching SADD club shirts.

The flower grams could be bought for any person of your choice. You could take it home to your family members, give it to your friends, or if you wanted to be a little more bold but sweet, your crush.

Flower grams just started being sold this year, and we’re hoping it stays as an annual tradition over the years. There will be multiple types of flowers to choose from.

Ms. Petrella, the teacher who runs the SADD Club, was asked what the main goal of selling the flower grams was, to which she said, ”The main goal of selling the flower grams is to recognize Earth Day, which occurs in April. It is also to spread kindness and to raise Money for the SADD Club.”