Feeling Bubbly, Five Benefits to Drinking Boba

National Bubble Tea Day is April 30


(Photo Credit: image by 二 毛 on pixabay )

Brown boba on a wooden table.

Considering the sudden growth of popularity bubble tea has gained in the past few years, it isn’t a surprise that the iconic drink now has its own holiday! This day landed on April 30, 2023 and has been deemed National Bubble Tea Day.

Bubble tea is a well liked Taiwanese drink with numerous names, including: pearl milk tea, boba tea, boba milk tea, bubble milk tea, or in many places, simply boba.

Typically, this drink is made by mixing milk with a tea base, fruit juices, and famous chewy tapioca pearls! Due to the simplicity of these ingredients, boba tea is able to be customized, making it so that it has a very wide variety of tastes that everyone can enjoy!

Tapioca pearls, the iconic ingredient that gives boba its signature look, are often made out of tapioca starch and covered in brown sugar syrup. With this, they are often accompanied by other sugars and sweeteners in the drink itself. As a result, many people shame pearl milk tea for its high sugar content. Although this may be true, too much boba can make a person develop negative effects such as diabetes; it is important to note that boba tea can have many benefits!

Pink bubble tea with strawberries mixed into it. (Photo Credit: Image by HIROAKI KANEDA from Pixabay)

5 Health Benefits to Drinking Boba Tea

Decreased Chance in Cancer

Although there is no scientific proof that boba gets rid of cancer, many reports believe that the ingredients in the drink help decrease the chance of getting cancer. Many studies show that green tea, the base of many boba drinks, contains a form of matter called polyphenols, a substance that can have properties that stop cancer cells from growing. Alongside this, tapioca pearls are made out of cassava root, which is a good source of gut-healthy fiber. This makes it so that it can help prevent the risk of colon cancer.

Relieves Stress

Unbeknownst to many, boba is a mixture of elements that can relieve stress! For example, the base of bubble tea includes two things: milk and tea! Milk is a known stress reliever, gaining this title due to its high levels of lactium, a protein that minimizes cortisol levels, and as a result, calms the body. On the other hand, tea has the same abilities! Tea can often be found made up of an amino acid named l-theanine, a chemical compound that is able to reduce stress. These two drinks mixed together can promote a feeling of relaxation, which as a result, reduces stress!

It Prevents Radical Damage

Radical damage, also known as free radicals, are unstable molecules that damage cells, often causing inflammatory and cardiovascular disease, cataract, and cancer. Thankfully, green tea contains compounds called epigallocatechin and polyphenols. Both of these elements fight against free radicals. This can help you live a longer and healthier life!

Energy Boost

Feeling sluggish because of a long day at work? Boba can help with that! Since boba is made out of tea, ingredients like sugar, carbohydrates, and caffeine can be found in this Taiwanese drink. These components can cause a boost of energy while improving concentration skills, mental clarity, and alertness.

Boba Can Be Good For Your Heart

Believe it or not, boba tea can be very healthy for your heart! For example, when prepared correctly, boba can have ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant materials! This can build vessel’s walls up, making them tougher and so that the arteries don’t get damaged! Secondly, since boba is typically made with green or black tea, the drink often has contents of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound that has been linked to reduce the risk of building fats and cholesterol in the artery walls. In addition, it also prevents the formation of plaque build up in the arteries. Furthermore, most boba drinks have milk and yogurt in them. Both of these dairy products have calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12, which are all vitamins that are important when it comes to maintaining a healthy heart!

While it is still important to be mindful of your sugar intake, there are many ways to make boba healthier without losing out on the delicious taste! Some of these ways include but are not limited to…

Boba milk tea on a blanket in a garden. (Image Credit: HIROAKI KANEDA from Pixabay)

Drinking in smaller amounts
Cut down on some of the sugar
Add fruits to the mix
Drinking on occasion
Changing the type of milk
Use green or black tea as a base
Avoiding extra sugary toppings

As National Bubble Tea Day comes to an end, don’t forget to go to your local boba shop to get your hands on your own tasty drink while reaping the health benefits! But as always, similarly to other sugary snacks, remember that it’s important to try to drink bubble tea in moderation. Along with this, it does not hurt to try to use alternatives in your drinks to help keep a balance between a savory snack and dietary wellness.