Then and Now with 1,000 Points

A Sit-Down with Nurridin Abdul-Rahmann, ACIT’s First Male 1,000-Point Scorer

Abdul-Rahmann with the ACIT Boy’s Basketball coaching staff and Athletic Director Dr. Robert Wagner (far right) after reaching his 1,000 points.

Nurridin Abdul-Rahmann is a former ACIT student who made history for the ACIT Men’s Basketball Team on February 12, 2020 when he became the first player to get his 1,000 career points. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to interview him about his experience with us at ACIT and what he’s up to today. Now Nurridin is playing basketball for a small Division I junior college in California called MiraCosta. From listening to Nurridin, I learned that as long as you are in high school, you should do as much as you can because it goes by fast; and when you are in college, it’s going to be a lot different.

Can you take us back to the day you hit 1,000 points? What was that like?

So before the game, starting from when I was home, I was just excited and jittery. I couldn’t keep still. I had a great breakfast, but I couldn’t sleep. I had a talk with my mom like always and headed out the door for school. I drove there, got there on time, talked with my friends, and all that did was make me even more excited. Then we went to the gym. My gym teacher didn’t even let me participate just in case of an accident. Our coach would have never forgiven me for that. James, another boy who was supposed to get his 1k, had gotten hurt during practice before, which was crazy. So our coach wanted us to be careful. So as the end of the day approached, my coach came to the school a little early to talk to us, and I was just so excited. I had my point count at 24, and he told me that I only needed 22. It was just a relief that I got even that close, meaning I missed some points because I’ve been keeping track since sophomore year. And then the game started. I tried to force all 22 points in the first half, which did not work out. Then I talked with my uncle, mom, coach, and the greatest security guard ever, Ms. Terry. After all of that, I came out firing and finished the game with 35 becoming the first male at ACIT to get his 1,000 career points. It was a great memorable moment that will last forever.

What did it take for you to reach 1,000 points?

So for me, I always thought that to get your 1,000 point mark, you would play freshman through varsity basketball, accumulating the points over the years. Wrong! I played freshman and JV (junior varsity) my freshman year*. I started my 1K journey my sophomore year, only getting about 200+ points, which wasn’t that much. So I dedicated my junior and senior years to improving myself and getting better. With time and patience, I created a historic season for ACIT.

*Freshman and JV points do not count toward an official 1,000-point varsity record.

What are you up to today?

Since I have left ACIT, I was an extra in a movie produced by LeBron James starring Adam Sandler called Hustle. I’ve also traveled a lot. I’ve been to about 27 states now. And I went to a national prep school where I played top teams in the nation [such as] Hillcrest Crest Prep, Compton Magic, and AZ Compass Prep. I received my OSHA 30 certification for carpentry, my Flagging certification, and my Covid-19 Awareness certification. I’ve just been really busy and active since leaving ACIT. Today, I go to a small Division I junior college in California, called MiraCosta, where I continue my studies and athletic career.

How would you compare college basketball to high school basketball?

College basketball is so much more fast-paced than high school basketball. With the pressure of playing under a shot clock versus no shot clock, you have so much more time and patience in high school than you do in college basketball.

What are you majoring in? What is your goal after college?

So right now, I am majoring in Architectural Sciences, which studies building structures and how they come to be. Leaving ACIT, I was in the Academy of Building Trades which dealt with the trades, so I stuck with that. My plan after college is to start my own business with all my licenses and certifications in each of the trades.

Do you think the work ethic you had for high school basketball is something you still apply today?

Yes, having good work habits that stay with you is essential. Without good work habits, you’ll watch the people around you grow while you’re the same player you were as a freshman, or you’ll become stagnant and basic.

What advice do you have for high school athletes?

Please don’t take any of it for granted and make the most of everything. It goes by so fast, and believe me, it does. I was just in the annex [South Wing]. Now I’m a freshman in college. Make sure you stay in your books and make the most of your high school experience. There’s nothing like high school.